Is it possible to go to model areas out of the model event times?

It is possible only in the Jizerské hory area, but be aware the controls will be in the forest only in times written in Bulletin 4.

The model areas for sprint disciplines and relay + long are not possible attend out of the model event times because of owners.


Is it possible to arrive and be accredited later, on Monday or Wednesday?

Last accreditation day is Monday 5th of July at the Event Centre 8-10 AM. Accreditation can be done after receiving the negative result of the test. After prior agreement (phone, email) we are working also out of the opening hours. This has to be agreed in advance.

The accreditation of one entire Team may be divided in smaller groups (max. 3 accreditation waves). Please respect this.


What do you mean by “Training Areas” closed the 1st of July? Is that possible to train somehow without visiting “Training Areas”, like going to Poland, or whatever which is not offered by WOC organizers?

For the Fairness reasons there is a ban on any orienteering activity on this day, only jogging or other exercises are possible. The reason is, we are not able to guarantee that results will be delivered to all Teams at the very same time. Nobody knows the exact schedule of this day and it will be very tough.

Behind this is also possible mixing of already negative tested Teams and not tested Teams in the Training areas. We ask you kindly for understanding.


How are the team official meetings going to take place: physical or online?

TOMs will be held on-line only, similar method to EOC in Switzerland


During WOC are you allowed to leave the hotel for example- food shopping?

Unavoidable leaving of Bubble (re-fuelling, pharmacy, shopping, …) is possible. Please consider using of the antigen testing option for anyone needing to make essential trips out of the bubble.


Testing possibilities right after sprint distance (athlete leaving home Monday afternoon).

There possibilities of Drive-in on the way to Doksy (Mladá Boleslav, Liberec), please contact us individually, we will help you.


What happens if you come into contact with someone with Covid in Czech (or on the plane there) what is the quarantine procedure- I think it’s the plane one which needs confirming. Not if you test
positive, but if you have just been in contact.

Local health authority decides. Assually a PCR test, if negative another after 14 days.


Will accredited athletes who are not competing have access to the arenas?

Yes, they will.


Can a Team Official be accommodated at a different hotel to the team and still be in the bubble?

By the obeying all the valid C-19 rules and highest personal responsibility -YES.


What about face masks during the start procedure? If they should wear them, FFP2/KN95/N95 is required or are surgical masks enough?

Indoors – FFP2/KN95/N95.
Outdoors – Surgical mask is enough. By following the social distance outdoors in Q/Pre-S/S you can be without a face mask. However we recommend to use them.


On 01.07, after we get the results of On-Arrival testing, can we go for training before registration? Will we receive the results by email?

All the Training Areas will be closed for Thursday 1st of July for fairness reasons.


Mention is made in the Covid Bulletin regarding the possibility to get the PCR test required to enter the WOC bubble at Prague Airport. Which type?

We accept a PCR test with a laboratory report (SMS is not enough), so by the airport – PCR TEST STANDARD (1 750 CZK).


One of our runner will come to Czech Republic on Saturday afternoon. Can you recommend place to make PCR test?

There possibilities of Drive-in on the way to Doksy (Mladá Boleslav, Liberec), please contact us individually, we will help you.


If we are coming from green country we only need to make PCR test at the event office?

Yes, this is valid information. Be aware that entering of CZE is personal/team responsibility.


Both PCR testing and accreditation will start on Thursday July 1 from 7 am. It’s not possible to get accreditation without test results. Results will hopefully be available within 3 hours. What to do for teams who live in their own accommodation? Stay at the event centre and wait or travel back home? Any suggestions?

Drive straight to the accommodation (no training, no shopping) and wait there for the result, in self-isolation. With a result, please make an appointment by EO.


Due to a measures for COVID, and idea to minimize contacts, or to stay in Bubbless, is it possible that the participants from WOC Clinic have their own tent at Arenas?

Yes, there will IOF Clinic tent, their participants have to stay together and minimize mixing with other Teams.

How the PCR test delay “within 5 days” has to be calculated? If arriving in CZE on Monday evening, is it still ok to undergo the test on Saturday (= less than 120h after)?

When arriving from a red or a dark red country, it is not possible to train or participate in the event until a negative result of a PCR test undergone in the territory of the Czech Republic is presented (i.e. after entering the Czech Republic). While waiting for results (i.e. after undergoing a PCR test), it is allowed to go outside to get some fresh air, but not train.


Does only a roommate of an infected person have to get into a quarantine? 

All persons who have been exposed to a positive person without an appropriate protective equipment (respirator FFP2, face mask 94%) indoors (also in a car!) will be sent to a preventive self-isolation by a local authority. A disposable face mask and social distancing is sufficient protection.


How long is the quarantine? (14 days?) Can it be shortened by e.g. 1 or 2 negative tests?

Protective quarantine by being positive is currently 14 days and it cannot be shortened. (New mutation of the corona-19 disease).


When we should make test after arrival? While waiting for the test result, is it possible to go for training?

It is necessary to make the PCR-test latest 24 hours after you are accommodated.


What does it mean to be tested 72 hours prior to entering Czech borders?

This time period starts with testing. Figuratively speaking “after putting a stick into our nose” you have 72 hours to be in the Czech Republic. The staff on borders will verify the time on your certificate. Be aware of the fact that some of the certificates evidence only the date of making the test, some also time, some even time of issuing the document. To be sure that your testing will be accepted, we recommend doing the entering PCR test as close to arrival as is possible!


As we all are tested and gotten negative results – is it still needed to use facemasks in the hotel (hotel-personnel is also tested) or in the car?

Facemask (94% efficiency and more) or respirators have to be worn independent from negative test for 2 weeks after arrival (according law). Outside if not obeying social distancing at least 2 meters . In the car definitely. Inside the hotel?? We recommend using them also in the hotel – if anyone will be positive, all people he/she will meet without appropriate equipment will be in preliminary 14 days quarantine and need to undergo 1 or more PCR-tests.