13. 7. 2021

Thank You! See you in 2022!

Thank You! See you in 2022!   The closing ceremony in Heřmánky made the World Orienteering Championships 2021 come to its end. Seven days, seven races, five of them with a medal finish, every single one completely different from the others. Four racing arenas taking the WOC circus to various […]

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2. 7. 2021

Are you ready to follow WOC 2021?

It has been a challenging year for the athletes and organisers as for all of us. Due to the postponed Sprint World Orienteering Championship 2020, 686 days has passed since the last WOC competition, the Relay in Norway back in 2019. BUT….NOW….IT….IS…..TIME!!! The best orienteers in the world are now gathered in […]

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30. 6. 2021

Take a few calm moments before the WOC 2021 start and read about the key factors from the best

Road to WOC Disciplines Many of you have been following WOC 2021 on WOC Instagram. Therefore, you have probably noticed the serial called WOC Disciplines that was published last week. Let’s dive into this topic more. On the schedule of WOC 2021, there are 5 disciplines in total. Moreover, there […]

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27. 6. 2021

WOC 2021 app

WOC 2021 application Interested in what’s happening around WOC 2021? Do you want to have all the information at your fingertips in one place? Do you want to be notified about important things via notifications in your mobile phone? No problem ;). The WOC 2021 mobile app monitors the overall […]

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26. 6. 2021

OCAD and WOC2021

WOC 2021 organizers started the cooperation with OCAD AG and its Czech representation The organizing team received OCAD software versions Orienteering and Course Setting that have been used for course setting, mapping, arena planning or data preparation. We have already talked about using OCAD with the head cartographer Aleš […]

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17. 6. 2021

Spectators in the WOC 2021 arenas!

Spectators will be able to enter the arenas of the WOC 2021! After very long and extremely complicated negotiations with the representatives of the IOF, the Regional Sanitary Station and many other entities, we can solemnly announce that spectators will be allowed into the arenas of the World Orienteering Championships […]

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16. 6. 2021

Road to WOC #14: Get to know more from the course planners

The World Orienteering Championships 2021 is just behind the corner! Last week we introduced the WOC venues. In today’s Road to WOC you will get to know what to expect there. Right from the course setters: Can you feel the spirit of Terezín? Smell the hot summer in pine forests […]

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14. 6. 2021

Decision and detailed information about spectators in the WOC arenas soon

At the end of this week we will publish detailed information on the rules and spectator participation in the arenas of this year’s WOC . Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our official WOC 2021 website.

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