29. 7. 2020

What do we want to do sustainably

This article is about changes in a couple of areas we plan to implement in order to organize a sustainable event.   Waste Waste is the most visible result of every event. However, perfectly managed waste separation is not the only thing we can improve: waste should be handled effectively. […]

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8. 7. 2020

Why Sustainable WOC?

Why we decided to take a little bit different path of organizing World Championship is already clear. But why did we decided to talk about it as a Sustainable WOC? Thoughts about environmentally friendly organizing of WOC accompanies our preparations from the very beginning. After few months of thinking we […]

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10. 6. 2020

Sustainable WOC

As organizers of significant sporting event, we have made a commitment to hold a high quality orienteering competition hosting great performances of orienteering athletes from all over the world. However, our vision is to prepare not only demanding courses in extraordinary terrains accompanied by unforgettable atmosphere, but also races we […]

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