Our representatives on WOC 2019

19. 9. 2019

The World Orienteering Championship is a thing of the past. The very first world championship in forest disciplines took place in Norway and WOC 2021 team could not miss it. Three members of the organising committee of WOC 2021: Matěj Burda (arena manager), Daniel Wolf (sports director) and Jan Picek (chairman of the OC) flew to the Østfold region in the south of Norway.

They spent the whole week there and thanks to the kindness of the organizing committee they could look behind the scenes. Norwegian organizers together with WOC Project Manager Daniel Leibundgut have prepared a guided tour through the arena, as well as a meeting attended by the director and other important members of OC, where financial matters, sports matters and other related issues were discussed. The Czech team attended all competitions as well as the opening ceremony. In addition to participation in WOC, it was also great opportunity to meet a number of interesting people and exchange experiences not only about organizing World Championship. The Czech team included also the crew of Česká televize (Czech public service broadcaster), lead by Petr Kubásek, in one of the evenings joined us also Czech director Karel Jonák, who produced TV broadcasts from Norway. The meeting resulted in the first ideas for live broadcasts from the World Championship 2021, which will be broadcast on ČT sport, while the aim is to offer broadcasts also abroad.

The tour was very successful, the conclusions made there were discussed at the meeting of organizing committee on 28th August.