WOC vision

Return to the roots
Championship only in forest disciplines, ie where orienteering originated. Terrains that are the most difficult in the Czech Republic. Competitors’ preference over commercialism. Return to the terrain where the World Championship was held in 1972, almost 50 years ago. Competition centre in the middle of forests at Machovo jezero.

Emphasis on ecology
Arenas designed to pollute the local environment as little as possible. Camping as well as arenas – sorted waste, ecological products, minimization of printed materials…. Supporting events like planting trees or collecting garbage from forests.

Local support
Very important support for local governments and communities. Promotion of regions, emphasis on local contribution. Support of local retailers, companies, institutions and municipalities, but also of local orienteers  and clubs, which we would like to maximally involve in the organization of the World Championship.

Modern WOC
Use of modern environmental tools to simplify organization as well as competition itself. Paying by credit card wherever possible, electronic boards, a mobile application with all the important information in one place.

Open organization
Transparent handling of the budget of the whole WOC, clear purposeful spending. After the event, budget will be published. The total budget is expected to be around 20-25 million CZK.

Benefit for orienteering
New maps, new places for training camps, new partners, new cooperation, new people interested in our sport, more awareness of orienteering, better name among lay and professional public. All this should bring the World Orienteering Championship.

Television as standard
3 live broadcasts from all final races with renowned director and producer Karel Jonák. Introduction of new television formats into the broadcasting of Česká Televize, cooperation with other broadcasters or videoprojects on the Internet.

Nicely in Czech way 
A championship that Czech orienteers and local community leaders will embrace. They will promote it at home and around the world, they will be proud that it’s being organised in their home country in chosen terrains.

Being an example
To be an example for Czech and world competitions in applying various principles in the organization. Educating other organizers for orienteering competitions especially in the Czech Republic but also abroad.