13. 10. 2020

We have to cancel Euromeeting 2020

Dear all, after the announcement of new anticovid restrictions by the Government of the Czech Republic last night, we don’t want to prolong the uncertainty and tension and had to decide on a very unpopular step: CANCEL EUROMEETING. Until the last moment, we believed, adjusted the plan of the whole […]

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7. 10. 2020

Updated information for Euromeeting 2020

The organizers of Euromeeting agreed with the Regional Hygiene Station of the Liberec Region on the possibility of organizing international competitons in the planned period under the current conditions. However due to a number of limiting factors (inability to organize relays, no spectators, limited number of organizers,…) we were forced […]

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2. 10. 2020

Final decision about Euromeeting will be presented 10th October.

The situation and rules are changing through the time but still there is a good chance to host Euromeeting 2020 at the end of October. We will make the final decision about the format and program 10th October.

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21. 9. 2020

Euromeeting entries for clubs and national teams

Autumn coulours are on it´s way and we have opened the Euromeeting entries via e-mail (info@woc2021.cz) for the clubs . Please send us an complete list of all athletes running for the club including name of club, athletes, their WRE ID and nationality. Federations and national teams please use Eventor […]

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