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WOC Insight

Explore how to prepare for WOC 2021(Czech Republic) and what you can expect in near future! Daniel and David presents new series, in which they will show you everything from race venues to ecological impact... and of course typical Forests!

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Our representatives on WOC 2019

The World Orienteering Championship is a thing of the past. The very first world championship in forest disciplines took place in Norway and WOC 2021 team could not miss it. Three members of the organising committee of WOC 2021: Matěj Burda (arena manager), Daniel Wolf (sports director) and Jan Picek (chairman of the OC) flew to the Østfold region in the south of Norway.

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Tour de WOC 2021

Cooperation of local communities, rising awareness or new sport facilities. These are important topics of the World Orienteering Championship 2021. Our goal is to map school areas, suburban forests or city parks and create new opportunities for children, families and individuals, who enjoy outdoor, healthy lifestyle, adventure or even searching in maps.

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How the logo-manual to WOC 2021 was founded?

Forest. Heartbeat. Distant yelling. 100% focus. Seeking optimal routechoice. The final step of years of preparation is approaching. Getting closer and closer to inevitable. The forest is opening. Spectators around the finish corridor are shouting, the whole arena is staring at the last meters to finish. Time is slowing down, world is now in slow motion, the end is close. Every second counts. Last remaining strength. Boom...

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