First WOC 2021 press conference

8. 11. 2019

On Thursday November 7th from 8:15 the first press conference of the World Orienteering Championships 2021 was held in the meeting room of the president of Liberec Region.

The whole press conference was accompanied by David Procházka who did not forget to mention that the World Orienteering Championships 2021 will be the biggest event in orienteering sports in the history of the Czech Republic. After the presentation of the speakers and the official WOC 2021 teaser Mr. Martin Půta took the floor. “I am very glad that the organizers chose the region around Doksy, Staré Splavy and Jizerské hory for the World Orienteering Championships 2021. The Liberec region is prepared to support this significant large scale event. Actually it should be the biggest sporting event in the region during that year.” Jan Picek the chairman of the World Orienteering Championships highlighted several important facts: 4 races will be organized, three of which will be medal races (two of them placed in Jizerské hory, two of them in Kokořínsko), the budget is estimated between 20-25 millions CZK. “Together with the Ministry of the Environment we are preparing an extensive environmental concept.” Picek added. He also mentioned significant cooperation at the local level – be it with the region, individual municipalities, the Technical University of Liberec or regional clubs that are involved in WOC 2021 preparations. “I am also an orienteering runner so I have a very personal relationship to the event. The World Orienteering Championships placed here is truly an honor for the Czech Republic and the Liberec Region. When it came to becoming a partner, we said yes without hesitation,” said Jan Vokurka a representative of the regional company Kitl, which is the main beverage partner. Ivan Matějů vice-chairman of the Czech Orienteering Association mentioned that live broadcasts on TV (ČT Sport) screens will be broadcasted from all three medal races. “Cooperation with Czech Television began in 2008 when the World Orienteering Championships was hosted in Olomouc. Since then there have been 35 live broadcasts. Our production team ranks among the best in the world, ”said Matějů. The press conference also included the view of Czech national team runner Miloš Nykodým who is already preparing himself for the World Orienteering Championships. “The terrains in this region are the nicest and hardest in the Czech Republic and I love them a lot. I have been trying to sacrifice all my time for this World Championships. I recently moved here and I would like to get a medal from one of the races in two years,” said Nykodým. Then the official WOC 2021 jersey was handed over to Mr. Půta who promised that he would like to take part in an orienteering race before the WOC 2021 will start. After many questions from journalists the press conference which lasted about 30 minutes was closed. Other press outputs and conferences are being prepared by the WOC organizing committee for spring 2020.