WOC Training: through relevance towards fairness

15. 12. 2019

No doubt WOC 2021 will deliver a rather specific challenge – both in legendary sandstone areas around Doksy and diffuse terrains of Jizerske hory mountains. Will you succeed in bulding your animal instincts in such a terrain? Our training activities are here to help.

To get used to the particular terrrain type is crucial in orienteering. That´s why training activities significantly influence the overall level of fairness at the champs. Being aware of that we are trying to offer the most relevant training experience.

More Affordable and Transparent: New WOC Training Features

“Terrain, course-setting, cartography and a real competition experience – these are the key pillars everyone needs to be able to build a solid target performance. And this is what we want to offer,” explains Radek Novotný, former Czech national team coach, who is the head of training activities at WOC 2021. “Moreover, we have tried to bring a new approach to OCAD files handling to make the whole thing more affordable even for smaller teams and individuals.”

However, pricing of OCAD files is not the only extraordinary feature. All teams are asked to register their training activities in a simple training registration system at WOC webpage – something we need to inforce to obey the conditions set by nature preserve authorities. Who knows – this transparent system may as a sideproduct help the teams to coordinate their training plans and share more.

Terrains, Maps, Courses

Currently, we are offering 9 sandstone areas and 5 areas of mountain terrain for training. They can be checked on: https://woc2021.cz/competitors/training. These areas were chosen as the most relevant accessible areas available for training. As soon as any other areas are available, training info will be updated. E.g. in sandstones, the area of Euromeeting 2020 will be an important additional part of our training offer.

Training maps are of various age and we are still working on updates at several places. Most important, we are aiming to offer relevant areas surveyed and drawn by members of WOC 2021 mapping team. This will be the case especially at Euromeeting 2020 – these maps should serve as a relevant model already one year before the WOC.

We will also kindly ask our WOC course-setters to provide courses for official training camps and Euromeeting – so that everyone will get a chance to taste their approach. Or an intricate bluffing 😉

While outside the official training camps we will not provide any fixed courses as this is not welcome by authorities.

Competition Experience: Lots of Opportunities

Apart from Euromeeting, we will also offer relevant test races in June 2021. Additionally, many competitions at national- or local level are to be organised in relevant areas during the whole period. These will be listed in the training information document on the website and continuously updated. Still, feel free to ask for recommendations.

Basic Rules to Follow

As most of the training terrains are located in naturally preserved area, there are several basic rules set by authorities that we kindly ask you to go through on https://woc2021.cz/competitors/training  and always follow while training. Thanks for your respect!

“Using my national team insight as well as experince from running the sandstones.cz activities, I will be glad to assist and make your training stays smooth and effective,” concludes Radek Novotný. “Some hint to start with? Well, don´t come here into these hills too tired since you don´t get the right passion!”