Get Your Best Accommodation for Euromeeting!

24. 2. 2020

We aim to deliver the best possible experience for you not only when it comes to the races but also during your stay in the area – starting with finding the most suitable accommodation right for you. Whether you are a national team or a rather smaller individual group, we can offer you a wide range of accommodation types.

Great Location and Wellness: National Teams Accommodation

For national teams we highly recommend to book a place in Hotel Bezděz where also the team official meetings will take place. This hotel will also be the official accommodation for WOC 2021 which makes this a great possibility to experience the place. It has a stunning location by the Mácha Lake (Máchovo jezero) and offers a wide range of relax activities including wellness. Besides, we managed to negotiate a very reasonable price for the Euromeeting teams. You can book the hotel exclusively via: All the detailed info can be found in Bulletin 1.

Please, make sure to keep the booking deadline March 31st 2020 for official team accommodation.

Experience the Region: Find Your Place in Doksy

For individuals or rather smaller groups, in cooperation with, we would like to encourage you to use this link to see all the available accommodation possibilites. We recommend you to stay in the region of Doksy/Staré Splavy not only because it is not far from the competition arenas but also because the area is simply worth visiting:

Starting with the Mácha Lake (Máchovo jezero) as a perfect place to relax and have fun after a demanding public race, calm pine forests around ideal for a beautiful afternoon walk or an easy run or the inviting silhouette of the castle of Bezděz which is a great destination if you look for stunning views or if you are interested in history.

Don´t Hesitate: Book the Place Now

The whole area of Doksy is very popular for tourists and even if Euromeeting takes place slightly after the very high season, it can be tricky to find a last minute accommodation. We highly recommend you to book the place now. If you need some more time, until the end of March there is probably still going to be an offer to choose from.

In case you have any questions or for the teams to make the booking, please, contact us via