Euromeeting had to be cancelled

26. 2. 2021

Official statement from WOC 2021


Euromeeting cancelled, training embargo in place

The Covid-19 pandemic situation in the Czech Republic has deteriorated significantly over the past weeks and the Czech government has therefore decided on new lockdown measures which will significantly restrict the possibilities for entry to the country and for free movement within the Czech Republic. Hopefully, these new measures will have the desired effect.

The organisers of WOC 2021 have been monitoring the situation closely and have decided that it will not be possible to organise Euromeeting on the scheduled dates 12-14 March. The event is therefore cancelled.

In consultation with the IOF, it has also been agreed that a training embargo will be put in place immediately and until the end of the lockdown measures determined by the Czech government.  The current information from the Czech government is that the lockdown will be in place until March 21 but the exact period has not yet been communicated.

In applying the training embargo, the IOF and WOC 2021 organisers agree that it is important and necessary to respect the government decisions, to show solidarity with those affected, and to take individual responsibility in these difficult times. It is also difficult to guarantee fairness as conditions for entry to the Czech Republic for training activities will be more restrictive. The embargo conditions are exactly the same as those which were in place between October 22 and December 4, 2020 and are published on the WOC2021 website.

The organisers of WOC 2021 will continue to update the information about training opportunities once the lockdown and embargo have been lifted. We do feel these actions are the best possible in doing our part to improve the Covid-19 situation in the Czech Republic and, together with the IOF, we are fully committed to organising WOC 2021 in July.

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