Technical info about accomodation for the teams

10. 3. 2021
Technical info about accomodation for the teams!
We would like to point out that those who have already booked their accommodation need to pay the 1st deposit invoice in time (15 th March), otherwise, the hotels will stop holding our capacity and sell it on online portals to Czech tourists. By paying the deposit invoice the rooms are guaranteed. If the reservation is canceled in time (usually 41 days and more it is free of charge) or due to force majeure, the money will be refunded.
The area is a very popular summer holiday destination and the event will take place on the most popular date at the beginning of the holidays (including two days off thanks to public holidays). The first week of July is as lucrative for hoteliers as the New Year’s Eve period. This holiday season is therefore the first to be sold out.

Bezdez castle, Czech Republic