Training possibilities will be reopened!

19. 3. 2021


Training possibilities will be reopened!


The agreement between the SEA team and the organizers of the WOC 2021 after positive negotiations with the National Sport Agency is such that it is possible to come to the Czech Republic for individual training camps from 29th March 2021. This is a date when all training areas will be reopened.

For any training activities it is the responsibility of the teams and athletes to follow Covid-19 precautions and regulations in place by the Czech authorities and the organisers.  Due to the covid-19 situation, no official training camps are scheduled. In principle, no gathering of teams during training activities is supported. Teams are free to come whenever it fits to use the provided training areas and courses set by WOC course-setters. During all training activities teams must stay strictly within their team bubbles, and all training activities must be scheduled with the organisers to make sure that they are spread out across areas and times. 

Joined sessions (runners from different teams at the same time at the same session) are not allowed. Teams may share courses, but only when using different time windows.

Now, a draft version of COVID-19 Bulletin for training camps is issued and on Wednesday, 24th March, the IOF and WOC organizers will organize a meeting to inform teams about the current situation and about all certificates which you must have during staying in the Czech Republic.
We will do our best to be helpful!


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