WOC 2021 app

27. 6. 2021

WOC 2021 application

Interested in what’s happening around WOC 2021? Do you want to have all the information at your fingertips in one place? Do you want to be notified about important things via notifications in your mobile phone? No problem ;).

The WOC 2021 mobile app monitors the overall progress of the races, both before and in real time or after the race.

Included is a general overview across each race (news, start list, results, gps links) and each day of the event.

The app offers a brief overview of the daily programme on the days. There is also a constantly updated section of tips for a trips near the arenas and WOC locations. Last but not least, you can follow live results in real time and follow comments from selected Twitter accounts. The app works in Czech and English.

Download the app to your phones or tablets via Google Play or the App Store.