Terezín – Sprint venue

3. 7. 2021



Terezín is an ancient city with a long history. This unique area was built in 18. century by Josef II. with the aim to protect the access to Bohemian Imperial road. Moreover, it should protect the tracks to more distant cities Dresden, Lovosice, or even Prague as well. Over time, luckily, there was no military event where the fortress’s original purpose was realized.


Sadly, later on, during WWII. Terezin fort was used by Nazis as a ghetto and the prison of Prague Gestapo police. Many innocent people were imprisoned there. This era was dark and should have never happened. Therefore, we believe that it is crucial to inform about the history and prevent any other violence.


We believe that those historical moments should be reminded to educate our society.  Moreover, our organizing team is strongly connected with Terezín city and the historical museum that aims for connecting Terezín to positive events. Their focus is placed on presenting Terezín and the fortress with its history and connects with a brighter future.


Let’s help us to bring here a more positive future to this unique area.