Thank You! See you in 2022!

13. 7. 2021

Thank You! See you in 2022!


The closing ceremony in Heřmánky made the World Orienteering Championships 2021 come to its end. Seven days, seven races, five of them with a medal finish, every single one completely different from the others. Four racing arenas taking the WOC circus to various terrains. The most successful athletes awarded with nine medal sets in the end. That was the WOC 2021 week.

A week of ups and downs. Some managed to meet their expectations, some failed. Some gained experience, some shared their own experience with their teammates. Some are enjoying the glory now, some analyzing what actually happened. As an organizing team, we believe that all have enjoyed the intense week full of orienteering at its best and will happily come back to the beautiful Czech terrains.

We would like to thank to all the spectators who came to the arenas even if there were a lot of obstacles and last minute changes. You made this WOC an incredible experience for the athletes! Thanks to everyone following the TV broadcasts or our facebook or Instagram accounts. And last but not least: huge thanks belong to all the organizers and volunteers who made the WOC possible.

We are saying thank you but not goodbye! If you want to experience the WOC terrains, have a chance to visit the places where the WOC 2021 happened, join us for the Czech Orienteering Tour 2022 and get your very own experience with what the elite dealt with last week.


Stay tuned, we will publish more details soon!