Tour de WOC 2021

16. 9. 2019

Cooperation of local communities, rising awareness or new sport facilities. These are important topics of the World Orienteering Championship 2021. Our goal is to map school areas, suburban forests or city parks and create new opportunities for children, families and individuals, who enjoy outdoor, healthy lifestyle, adventure or even searching in maps.

We organized a pilot event in May 2019 as part of World Orienteering Day. School children as well as the public participated in competition which was held in surroundings of the Smržovka Primary School.

Last weekend we took part in the festival Sport Live 2019, which is the largest sports fair in North Bohemia. The aim of this event is to show children and youngsters what kinds of sport can be pursued in the Liberec Region. Children of all ages were able to experience individual sports at the stands of more than 70 clubs in one place.

Organising committee of WOC 2021 prepared two activities – a small labyrinth with final number of 153 participants among children and adults. Followed by a race through the Liberec Sport Park, with nearly fifty competitors. Our stand was opened nonstop between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., since it, despite the bad weather, aroused great interest. In addition to the introduction of orienteering, we focused on the promotion of the World Orienteering Championship 2021, which succeeded and many visitors are looking forward to our event. Whether behind TV screens or in the competition centre itself.