100 days to WOC 2021

24. 3. 2021

100 days to WOC 2021


It feels very close to be just 100 days away from WOC 2021, especially when we begun with the preparations almost 3 years ago. Even though we hadn´t the opportunity to organise Euromeeting (and we have really tried – 4 times :)), we are enthusiastic about upcoming event of the year. All the organisers are working hard to reach the goal and prepare great competitions hosting the greatest runners of the World.

Every singel race will be technically challenging as well as physically. So there is quite an amount of intensive work ahead of athletes as well.

Together with Czech TV we are planning broadcasting into the every detail so you will get the best view of whats happening in the race. We will fit right between Tour de France and Fotball EURO so we will be in top class company. Still we believe most of you will be able to come and feel the atmosphere, but we have to be prepared to bring you the emotions through your screens.

Currently Bulletin 3 is on our agenda so soon we will bring more detailed competition info.

Stay focus, stay in touch with us!


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