O-RUN official partner of WOC 2021

6. 5. 2021
Introduction of WOC 2021 partner O-RUN in brief interview with the owner Radek Procházka.

“Who” is O-RUN? How many people are involved in running the company?

ORUN is primarily a Czech family company founded in 2013. A very sports company for which sport, nature and fair play are everything, and that is really no phrase. With David, my son, we share that view on the main principles. The company originated originally from my and later David’s desire to dress our sport in quality clothing without compromise. Not to be an “ordinary seller”, but an original brand, which also means a personal approach to our clients and the joint creation of sportswear of the highest quality produced mainly in Europe or directly in the Czech Republic.

Let me explain the term family business. Radek (father) and David (son) as the main actors, founders and also at the same time ordinary employees :-). The closest are David’s wife Štěpánka as the designer and my daughter Klára (David´s sister) and her husband Honza (photo, video). We are all orienteering runners with an overlap into other sports.

Štěpánka siszter Barča currently living in Canada is helping us a lot with design and 3D mockups. Also a former orienteering runner and skier. Cousin Maruška is working on our rare but incresing web campaigns.

Also outside the family – they help us in selling Olda, Pája – orienteering runner, physioterapist, Milda – league ice hockey player and we also have an excellent web designer Vesko. So a good 11 in the core. Our clients help us too – we develop together, they are basically team members.

What is essential for O-RUN? What are your main activities? What brands do you represent in the Czech Republic?

I have already mentioned, especially the personal approach to clients. And the ability to dress athletes and all active people in top sports equipment literally from head to toe not only orienteering and running in general. Imaginative design and invention are essential for us of course and we rely on the annual development of new improved products.

At this point I would like to mention for example a brand new range of cycling and cross country skiing equipment for this season using materials and workmanship  which is common for example for World Tour teams. I have to mention the upcoming brand new line under our own brand ORUN – a brand new top jersey for orienteering, knee socks and tights, and that’s not the end of it.

But the most important part of the question – the activities. The main activity is to dress our beloved orienteering. We go to the competitions in person, we compete, we test and at the same time we introduce our clients and friends, clubs and individuals to our products. We can offer the already mentioned cycling, cross-country skiing, football, hockey. We alsoo dress table tennis players and I can´t skip an elite bowling club. We dress clubs, but also smaller sports groups and individuals in customized clothes.

We are active on the market even these days and we do not want to “cry” because of Covid, and I will leave aside my opinion on some measures of the government crushing sport as such. Not just sports.

What motivates us in a broader scope: we were a clothing partner of JWOC right at the founding of the company in 2013, our jerseys even after 8 years still form a large “club” in the starting field over the Europe, we dressed the 2018 World Cup finals and now O-RUN is a very proud partner and supporter of WOC 2021.

We represent 3 main brands: our own ORUN manufactured in the Czech Republic and Estonia, the Swedish Bagheera and the Latvian True Story, where we are always the exclusive representative for the Czechia, Slovakia and Slovenia. We also exclusively represent smaller Swedish Oak Socks, OL Tech and Vapro, we enjoy working with Czech brand Minerals (Ionilyte, Aqua Hemp).

What your team enjoy the most and what makes the company strong?

I will be very brief here because there is a lot of it. For me it is primarily communication and understanding – internally between us and also among our friends and clients. Dad and son, we are doing very well overall and I appreciate it. Flexibility and ability to react individually and quickly. We are also trying to get the production process under control. It’s hard work sometimes, but we’re working on it. Creativity. Sports and personal testing and development. Meeting people. Supporting youth. Protection of the nature. For example, we support the magazine Naše příroda (Our Natures) and try to help save this valuable magazine. Personally I like good and kind people around me with whom there is fun and laughter.

What can your customers look forward to this year?

I have already mentioned many things – WOC clothing, new products not only for orienteering, support of youth, we are preparing a few more surprises and improved services. But if I may personally, perhaps we shall all together look forward to start of the season. We will try to be wherever it is needed. And we are very happy to meet our friends – often we will finally meet our competitors on courses in the forest in person.