Road to WOC #12: We are introducing the Green WOC concept

2. 6. 2021

Sustainability and ecology have been pointed out in the WOC 2021 vision by the organizers. Even though the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic reduced organized activities like tree planting or forest cleaning, the organizing team does not lower its sights. We are introducing the Green WOC concept that summarizes our goals and motivates both athletes and spectators to make orienteering one step greener. 

(We hope to welcome spectators who would make the WOC arena experience unforgettable. The decision about the entrance and number of spectators will depend on the hygienic situation. The authorities’ decision should be known around June 15th.)

  1.     There is enough waste all around. We can always consider whether to buy a packed product or rather choose its packaging free alternative.
  2.     Transport yourself sustainably: packed car, happy nature! Commute together by bus (if the situation allows you to do it safely), ride a bike, take a stroll or come by a fully packed car to reduce your carbon footprint. WOC 2021 tip: use a train on your way to the middle distance arena. The trip from Liberec to Smržovka is amazing and you will get close to the arena. 
  3.     Orienteering mobile app? Sure, it’s here for you! Mobile app developed for WOC 2021 brings you complete information including all the race splits and latest updates without the need to print out anything. 
  4.     Spectators in the arenas will have a chance to choose from a variety of sustainable meals. Our canteen will offer delicious fresh meals prepared from locally grown ingredients and fair trade products. Rich in nutrition, sustainable, healthy and plant-based if you choose that. 
  5.     Payment by card will be a standard – all the way from the canteen to the WOC fanshop.  
  6.     Waste separation will be possible in all the competition arenas. Let’s recycle!  
  7.     Say no to single use (unless no other option fits the hygienic requirements)! Reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat. We encourage you to use your own cups for our drinks in the WOC arenas or boxes for the meals from our menu. 
  8.     Drinking water supplies are not bottomless. You can save it while taking a shower or washing your hands (by stopping the water while using the soap, not reducing the time!) .
  9.     We want, however, drinking water to be available for everyone. You can refill your own bottle for free in the competition arenas. 
  10.   Support the local producers! Their products are often higher quality than those industrially produced. Besides, you often save on the excess packaging or transportation costs.