Spectators in the WOC 2021 arenas!

17. 6. 2021

Spectators will be able to enter the arenas of the WOC 2021!

After very long and extremely complicated negotiations with the representatives of the IOF, the Regional Sanitary Station and many other entities, we can solemnly announce that spectators will be allowed into the arenas of the World Orienteering Championships 2021. Enjoy the great atmosphere in the competition arenas! What rules will apply?

Starting today, you will find all important information for spectators here on official WOC 2021 website. Here you will find a detailed schedule, epidemic conditions, information about tickets or the accompanying programme.

Due to limited capcity, you will be required to purchase a ticket for each arena – primarily online via TicketPortal, with very limited on-site purchases only in the case of unfilled capacity. It is not possible to get into the arenas without a printed ticket or one downloaded on a mobile phone. Each participant will receive a wristband at the entrance, which they are required to wear throughout the day. The ticket portal will be open on Sunday 20 June 2021 from 20:00.

Entrance fee: 100 CZK/person/day. The ticket price includes parking.
Children up to and including 6 years of age do not pay admission.

Audience capacity:

Terezín (Saturday 3 July 2021) – 1000 spectators

Other locations – 2000 spectators

Epidemic conditions for spectators

Detailed information, which will be updated over time, can be found in the Spectators section. In general, proof of vaccination, illness in the last 180 days, or testing prior to the event will be required at the arena entrance. It is also required to wear a respirator or other similar device when in close contact between spectators (less than 2 meters).

Accompanying programme in the arenas

There is a rich accompanying programme for spectators in the arenas. In addition to the arena in Terezín, there will always be o-maze (a fun labyrinth for participants of all ages.) A variety of souvenirs and WOC 2021 merch can be purchased in the WOC fan shop. There will also be a big screen where important information, results and also suggestions for trips will be shown in addition to the live broadcast on the track. Refreshments will be available at our partners stands. And most importantly: you will be within easy reach of the World’s top orienteering stars. You will see their last metres of the medals competitions, but also their feelings at the finish line. You will be close to the top speaker duo Per Forsberg – Matěj Klusáček, who will draw you into the action. Not enough? On Sunday, July 4, right after the sprint relay race, in addition to the opening ceremony, there will be a concert by the Big O-Band. Admission to this concert (taking place in the Doksy Arena) will be free after 20:30.

Book your accommodation, make your camp!

Outside the arena, we also offer sports activities. There will be training sessions in 6 locations with different difficulty levels. If you stay a little longer in Doksy region, we offer accommodation in Poslův Mlýn.

Price list (stay 3.-10.7.2021):

tent 700 CZK/person/stay

cabins 1400 CZK/person/stay

building 2100 CZK/person/stay

apartment 2800 CZK/person/stay

caravans 700 CZK/person/stay (without electricity, water)

It is possible to arrange meals for those interested directly in the premises. If you are interested, please write to: camping.accommodation@woc2021.cz by 24th June.