4. 7. 2021

Sweden dominated sprint relay

The Swedish team is the new world champion in sprint relay! It has been an interesting race, mostly dominated by the Swedish team. The situation was more challenging in the case of silver medal fights where the Swiss team was 40 seconds behind the leader with the Norweigian team on […]

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3. 7. 2021

Sprint is over!

The Swedish team has shown great shape! Isac Von Krusentierna and Tove Alexandersson are the new World champions in Sprint. It was a breathtaking show, we saw fantastic performances by all runners.   In Men’s category, the new World Champion is Isac Von Krusenstierna from Sweden. The vice-champion is Kasper Fosser, the strong […]

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Terezín – Sprint venue

Terezín   Terezín is an ancient city with a long history. This unique area was built in 18. century by Josef II. with the aim to protect the access to Bohemian Imperial road. Moreover, it should protect the tracks to more distant cities Dresden, Lovosice, or even Prague as well. […]

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