3. 7. 2021

Sprint Qualification Dominated by Swedish Men and Czech Women

The World Championships have started with a sprint qualification in the attractive areas of the Terezín military fortress. There were 101 men and 78 women standing at the start line of the 3 – 3.5 km long qualification, whilst the 15 best runners from each heat made their way through […]

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24. 2. 2020

Get Your Best Accommodation for Euromeeting!

We aim to deliver the best possible experience for you not only when it comes to the races but also during your stay in the area – starting with finding the most suitable accommodation right for you. Whether you are a national team or a rather smaller individual group, we […]

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22. 1. 2020

Technical University of Liberec became partner of WOC 2021

The memorandum of cooperation in organizing the World Orienteering Championships was signed by Jan Picek, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Miroslav Brzezina, Rector of the Technical University of Liberec. The Orienteering World Championships will be held for the fourth time in the Czech Republic. The first WOC in our […]

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20. 12. 2019

PF 2020

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15. 12. 2019

WOC Training: through relevance towards fairness

No doubt WOC 2021 will deliver a rather specific challenge – both in legendary sandstone areas around Doksy and diffuse terrains of Jizerske hory mountains. Will you succeed in bulding your animal instincts in such a terrain? Our training activities are here to help. To get used to the particular […]

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8. 11. 2019

First WOC 2021 press conference

On Thursday November 7th from 8:15 the first press conference of the World Orienteering Championships 2021 was held in the meeting room of the president of Liberec Region. The whole press conference was accompanied by David Procházka who did not forget to mention that the World Orienteering Championships 2021 will […]

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18. 10. 2019

WOC Insight

Explore how to prepare for WOC 2021(Czech Republic) and what you can expect in near future! Daniel and David presents new series, in which they will show you everything from race venues to ecological impact… and of course typical Forests! More information  

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19. 9. 2019

Our representatives on WOC 2019

The World Orienteering Championship is a thing of the past. The very first world championship in forest disciplines took place in Norway and WOC 2021 team could not miss it. Three members of the organising committee of WOC 2021: Matěj Burda (arena manager), Daniel Wolf (sports director) and Jan Picek […]

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